Phuket diving and liveaboard cruises in Thailand
Phuket diving and Thailand liveaboard cruises
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Phuket diving and Thailand liveaboard cruises

Similan, Andaman and Surin Islands, Burma Banks

see corals like this on one of our liveaboard cruises

Jump onboard and sail away on our live-a-board diving boats to some of the world's most amazing dive sites! TML offers you only the best in boats, crew and itineraries!!! 

This year check out our cruises to the wonderful & un exploited dive spots of Burma , the Andaman Islands, Indonesia & Micronesia and experience diving that will stay in your memory for ever!


Similan Islands

Similan Islands National Park is the centerpiece of all live-aboard trips in Phuket.  Nowhere is the diving more varied or colorful than here.  There are nine, densely wooded islands lying north to south.  Each has its own name but everyone knows them simply by number.  Most islands have gorgeous beaches with fine talcum powder-like sand.

Surin Islands, Ko Bon, Ko Tachai & Richelieu Rock

These islands, just north of the Similans, are also world famous for it's incredible diving. Here you have the opportunity to see turtles, sting rays and reef sharks swimming in their natural environment.
See huge schools of mackerels and barracuda effortlessly gliding past is this incredible under water paradise.
Richelieu Rock, a submerged rock standing on its own, about 18 kms east of Surin, is the home of the whale shark, that huge and gentle giant of the sea. For reasons unknown, Richelieu Rock seems to attract these magnificent creatures-no where else in the world can you be guaranteed to experience the marvel of swimming so close to this enormous, yet completely harmless fish! 

Hin Daeng & Hin Muang

An excellent dive site south of Phuket is for those who like deep wall diving. The steep walls of Hin Muang hit the sea floor at a depth of 70 meters! Here you will see an abundance of reef fish, encounter whale sharks and manta rays.

Hin Daeng (which translates to "Red Rock" in English) delights the diver with it's beautiful red soft corals that cover nearly 1/2 of this site.
Hin Muang translates to "Purple rock", aptly named for it's abundant population of purple sea anemones.

Butang Islands

The Butang Islands, situated just across from the Malaysian Border in southern Thailand, is probably the best kept secret of the south! The Butangs are a Marine National Park and the coral gardens to be seen here are spectacular!

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 Ocean Rover

M/V Colona VI

MV Nautica


 the wonderful  world under waterThe hundreds of islands that make up the archipelago of Burma are a diver's paradise just awaiting discovery! This region has only been open to the public for the last five years and as time goes on more and more fantastic sites are found.

Due to the under development of the country, in particular the fishing industry, here you will have the opportunity to swim with fish the size and variety of which is rarely seen elsewhere. 
The Burma Banks, for example, is one of the world’s best shark dives thanks to a thriving population of silvertip sharks.

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 Ocean Rover

S/Y Amadeus

Andaman Islands

Situated between the coast of Burma and the shores of India lie the Andaman & Nicobar Islands, a Union Territory of India. A chain of volcanoes 415 miles (660km) in length, these islands harbor some of the worlds most exotic & abundant marine life.

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Indonesia’s thousands of islands and reefs, surrounded by deep water and strong ocean currents, carry ample nutrients to support an awesome variety of marine life not seen else where in the world! 

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Discover the wonderful dive spots of Micronesia with MV Pelagian. Check out her itinerary for really far off and normally un-accessible dive spots!

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