Phuket diving and liveaboard cruises in Thailand
Daily Diving Option, Phuket, Thailand
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Diving Indonesia with Pelagian

Live-aboard dive cruises
Indonesia 2003

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Prices 2003

Price Includes


About Komodo dive spots

Indonesian facts

Booking procedure


cruise # Dates & Time of Boarding & disembarking Diving Days Night on board
PI60/03 May 04, 2pm - May 15, 9am 10 11
PI61/03 May 18, 2pm - May 29, 9am 10 11
PI62/03 June 05, 2pm - June 16, 9am 10 11
PI63/03 June 19, 2pm - June 30, 9am 10 11
PI64/03 Jul 03, 2pm - Jul 14, 9am 10 11
PI65/03 Jul 17, 2pm - Jul 28, 9am 10 11
PI66/03 Jul 31, 2pm - Aug 11, 9am 10 11
PI68/03 Aug 28, 2pm - Sep 08, 9am 10 11
PI69/03 Sep 11, 2pm - Sep 22, 9am 10 11
PI70/03 Sep 25, 2pm - Oct 06, 9am 10 11
PI71/03 Oct 09, 2pm - Oct 20, 9am 10 11
PI72/03 Oct 23, 2pm - Nov 03, 9am 10 11
PI73/03 Nov 06, 2pm - Nov 17, 9am 10 11
PI74/03 Nov 20, 2pm - Dec 01, 9am 10 11
PI75/03 Dec 04, 2pm - Dec 15, 9am 10 11
PRICES per person
Cabin Accommodation Price
Cabin 1, Master stateroom
Cabin 2,3 & 5- Deluxe stateroom
Cabin 4&6- standard state room


Add an extra US$130 to above prices for Port Fees


 weight belts 
 on-board accommodation
food and drinks (other than alcoholic beverages) 
 Professional, service orientated staff and exciting diving included.

Airport and hotel transfers are not included. 
Personal dive gear rental and photo services are not included in the price, but can be arranged for an additional charge if notified in 

Port fees of US$130 per person is additional and to be paid by guests in cash upon arrival to the M/Y Pelagian. Port fee is subject to change

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Departure Day
     Guests will embark at Bali's Benoa Harbor between 12:00-12:30. After a brief tour of the ship, Cruise Director Larry Smith will give a short information session detailing the various amenities and services on board. Guests can spend the remainder of the day preparing camera/dive equipment or just lounging on the ship's upper deck, enjoying the spectacular sunset behind one of Bali's active volcanoes, the majestic Mount Agung.
Day 1
       The ship arrives early in the morning at Satonda Island, off the north coast of Sumbawa. The "check out" dive, "Painter's Pleasure", is a shallow slope covered in giant barrel sponges and sea fans. The ship repositions throughout the day, exploring caverns and ravines on a variety of the island's sites. After the surprise "Sunset Show" the ship steams on to Banta Island for the next days diving.
Day 2 
          Banta Island is home to "GPS Point", one of the wildest rides in Komodo. Diving this colorful pinnacle, nearly one mile offshore, is entirely dependent on the prevailing weather currents and waves. Lucky guests may encounter numbers of sharks, rays, and turtles. The boat moves into the northern bay for dives at "Star Wars" and "It's a Small World". Both are critter sites, complete with Pygmy seahorses ("Star Wars") and Inimicus sp. Devilfish and Stargazers at night ("It's a Small World").
Day 3
         At Gili Lawa Laut, among the northern Komodo islands, guests will have the chance to sample the diversity which makes Komodo so spectacular. "Hard to Find Rock" and "Ikelite Reef" are wide-angle slopes with dazzling coral formations that host a number of big fish and small critters. The boat will anchor in one of the smaller bays, departing early the next morning for the Komodo ranger station.
Day 4
          Early to bed, early to rise, after a 6.00am breakfast the guests will set out on a two to three hour hike to see the Komodo dragons. Dress appropriately, and bring a camera for the Komodo dragons. The largest lizard in the world (growing upwards of 10 feet long), this magnificent reptile is one of the few remaining links to the days when dinosaurs roamed the planet. Other wildlife which may be seen include cockatoos, wild boar and megapode birds. Back on board, we may dive at "Pink Beach", with sleeping sharks, Mantas, and orangutan crabs, before the ship heads to Horseshoe Bay on the south coast of Rinca Island.
Day 5 & 6
         The highlight of the trip, Horseshoe Bay, combines spectacular topside beauty with an unequalled underwater paradise. Penned in by immense walls along which White Breasted Sea Eagles soar, this deep bay is host to a number of remarkable sites. "Cannibal Rock", with its dynamic array of hard and soft corals, can be dived over and over again (and guests will get to dive this site numerous times). Over the course of the next two days, though, guests will explore "Devil's Canyons", a site with immense rock formations that attract large tuna and Oceanic jacks; "Larry's Yellow Wall of Texas", a sheer wall which drops to over 250 feet, covered in yellow Tubastrea sp. corals, colorful toxic sea urchins, porcelain crabs, and a variety of nudibranchs; and "Crinoid Canyon", a small wall entirely swathed in crinoids of every color imaginable. The ship will anchor off a small beach that is patrolled daily by wild pigs, deer, and Komodo dragons. After a full day of diving under azure waters lit by a magnificent sun, enjoy dinner on the aft deck, beneath a spacious cerulean sky lit by tiny, sparkling diamonds.
         A short morning steam from south Rinca brings the ship to Toro Langkoi, South Komodo. While previous days have emphasized fantastic and unusual critters, Toro Langkoi is renowned for imposing underwater formations, magnificent panoramas, and as home to squadrons of Mantas and other pelagics. "Mark's Sharks", too, is only for the brave at heart, but those who dive this outstanding pinnacle will be rewarded with big fish galore.
        The ship returns to split time at Gili Lawa Laut, to dive "Crystal Reef" and "Magic Rock", and Banta, for another thrill-a-minute dive, "Highway to Heaven". The boat anchors for the night in the calm northern waters of Banta, before crossing the channel in the peaceful, early morning hours.
Day 9
       Off the coast of the majestic island of Sangeang, on whose shores wild horses playfully race the boat, guests are in store for a day of unique critter diving. Still active, this lush volcanic island recently spewed forth rivers of lava that plunged into the surrounding waters, creating an underwater environment unmatched in the world. "Mentjeng Wall", consistently the best Nudibranch site in Komodo, also offers ornate ghost pipefish, mimic octopus, and rare colonial anemone; other sites like "Black Magic" and "Tikno's Reef" are equally amazing, and will astound even the most veteran divers. As the boat steams onward, glimpse back towards the peak of the volcano, in the hopes that this night, as on other magical evenings, the dark sky will be illuminated briefly by tongues of fire.
          Back at Satonda, guests will have two more morning dives before the boat begins its long steam back to Bali. En route, the crew will thoroughly wash your dive gear before hanging wetsuits, BCD's etc. up to dry. Enjoy a drink on the top deck while scanning the horizon for the pods of dolphins that usually appear to escort the Pelagian home.
Return Day
          Back at Benoa Harbor, Bali, guests disembark the boat at 9:00 AM to be transferred on to their hotels or the airport.

About Komodo's Fab sites!

Mentjeng Wall
        On the southern tip of the volcanic island of Sangeang, "Mentjeng Wall" is quite possibly the most prolific Nudibranch and invertebrate site in all of Komodo. The wall itself, which drops down to 60 feet, is covered in vibrantly colored crinoids, corals, and colonial anemone. The real "action" begins, however, where the wall ends, as Mimic octopus, ornate ghost pipefish, cuttlefish, and a variety of nudibranchs make the black sand slope their home.

Pink Beach
      The most unpredictable site in Komodo, "Pink Beach", scant minutes from the ranger station, is swept daily by ferocious currents. Dive at the right time, however, and you'll marvel at Manta Rays, sleeping sharks, Orangutan Crabs, multitudes of Leaf Scorpion Fish, Pygmy Seahorses and Coleman Shrimp.

Mark's Sharks
       Rising from the deep, this pinnacle attracts some of the largest fish to roam the Indian Ocean. Best dived on a slack current, escape to the backside for some frenzied action as Sharks, Jacks, Tuna, and Rays all vie for supremacy. During August and September we sometimes see Mola-Mola, the Ocean Sunfish, at this site!

Black Magic
      The newest jewel in Komodo, "Black Magic" rests at the foot of small freshwater spring on the Northeastern corner of Sangeang. This black sand slope has produced innumerable Ghost Pipefish, Spindle Cowries, Painted and Clown Frogfish. Want more? On either side of the sand is a lush coral wall with lengthy Sea-Whips, colorful Crinoids, and numerous Murcella sp. fans, crawling with Komodo's most famous critter, Hippocampus Bargibanti - the playful Pygmy Seahorse.

Toro Langkoi
       Mantas, mantas, everywhere (October, November and early December), Toro Langkoi, in the south of Komodo, has some of the best wide-angle opportunities in all of Komodo. Rimmed by two towering walls covered in untouched hard corals, this bowl is the focus of literally thousands of schooling fish that cascade endlessly. Cascade that is, if you ignore the squadrons of Mantas that often cruise by...

Copycat Copycat
       Perhaps the oddest dive in Komodo, "Copycat2" boasts no coral deeper than 10 ft. But below this line lies the realm of unique critters, the most bizarre undoubtedly being the Mimic Octopus. Patrol this sandy "muck" in search of the magic log, covered in Crinoids, hosting an array of Ornate Ghost Pipefish, two Frogfish and Marble-Eyed Eels.

Cannibal Rock
       Made famous by photographers Burt Jones and Maurine Shimlock, "Cannibal Rock", a small pinnacle in a deep bay in southern Rinca, is a diver's delight. The rock is literally crawling with bizarre critters, including three colors of Frogfish, Pygmy Seahorses, Octopus and Leaf Scorpion Fish, and is surrounded by schooling fish of all types during the day. Perhaps the best night dive in Komodo, "Cannibal Rock" lights up nightly with appearances from Bumblebee Shrimp, unusual Decorator Crabs, and Spanish Dancers.

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Facts to know before you go

The People
         The more than 200 million Indonesians, distributed throughout more than 13,000 islands, are a study in cultural diversity. Languages, lifestyles, and religions vary from island to island, and city to city. But one feature unites this country: the people, regardless of their origin, are among the friendliest and most accommodating in the world.

The Language
          Although there are reportedly more than 250 distinct dialects spoken throughout the archipelago, nearly every Indonesian speaks "Bahasa Indonesia", a staple that is taught from elementary school onward. Among the more cosmopolitan islands Bali, Java (Jakarta), and Sulawesi (Manado)- travelers will be surprised to find that many Indonesians speak a smattering of English, and will use every opportunity to practice a few phrases with you. Turn the tables, though, and practice some Bahasa with them:

Some Practical Bahasa
Good morning .... Selamat pagi (Sell a maht Pah gee)
Good afternoon (1100-1400).... Selamat siang (Sell a maht See ang)
Good afternoon (1400-1800) .... Selamat sore (Sell a maht So ray)
Good night (1800-0200) .... Selamat malam (Sell a maht Mah lahm)
Thank you ....Terima kasih (Te ree mah Kah see)
Good.... Bagus (Baaah Goose)
Tasty....Enak (A Knock)
Getting There- The three major gateways into Indonesia are Jakarta, Bali, and Manado. Bali's Ngurah Rai International Airport is served by most major airlines, with flights originating in North America, Europe, or Asia.

Water Temperature
      If you have two wetsuits (3mm, 5mm), bring 'em both and a "skin" too. Water temperatures in Komodo can vary tremendously, and often hit the extremes from 84 degrees to 74 degrees Fahrenheit- from one dive to the next.

       The rainy season begins at the end of December, and runs through the middle of March; the driest months are April through September, with the most varied, best weather topside (not to mention greatest conditions below) during October and November. For those who like a smooth ride, the dry season April to November- also coincides with the calmest seas in the north (where the Pelagian travels the most).

        Like water temperature, the visibility in Komodo varies dramatically. The best visibility over 100 feet- is typically during the dry season. In the nutrient rich South, visibility is often less.

        Komodo diving is renowned the world over for powerful currents, the result of a relentless tug-of-war between the Java and Flores Sea's (to the North) and the Indian Ocean (to the South). The crew of the Pelagian will typically take into account guests' skill levels and desires, the expected profile, and site knowledge to ensure the most optimum dive conditions.

Passport/Visa Regulations
        No special visa is required for tourists looking to enter Indonesia. Passports must have a minimum of six months' validity upon arrival, though, whereupon a 60-day temporary stay visa will be issued.

        Indonesia's currency is the Rupiah, which fluctuates daily (current rate Rp. 9300/US$1). Travelers to Indonesia are advised to bring larger (US$100/$50), clean bills for the most favorable exchange in Bali, and cities beyond. For tips and sundry purchases smaller bills are more desirable.

        Indonesia runs on 220 volt, 50 Hz electricity, as does the ship. However, the camera room charge stations are also wired for 110 volt as well.

        Compared to the garish shopping districts of southern Bali, Komodo does not provide much in the way of "Retail Therapy". There is one day, however, when guests, following the Komodo walk, will have the opportunity to choose from an array of small gifts ornately carved wooden dragons, locally cultured pearls, and gaudy t-shirts and postcards. Bargaining is expected, and enjoyed with good-natured joviality.

Land Tours
       The Pelagian makes one scheduled land stop at the Komodo National Park ranger station. On this half-day morning trek (2 miles round trip), canvas shoes or sturdy sandals (Teva's), comfortable pants, a light shirt, and a hat (to keep the sun off) are recommended.

Booking Procedures

        Bookings should be made well in advance by fax or email. It helps if you give us a second choice in case your preferred cruise is fully booked. For details contact our reservations department.

        A 25% deposit is required within 10 days of making a reservation.  We cannot hold reservations without a deposit. The remaining 75% must be paid no later than 30 days before the cruise departs.  If payments are not received on time we reserve the right to resell your spot(s).

      Payment is by, wire transfer to our bank account. We are unable to accept credit card payments from overseas.

In case of cancellation on your part, the following rules apply:
(We strongly recommend that you obtain cancellation insurance)

Counting back from the cruise departure date:
60 days or more:            deposit returned minus administrative charges.
Between 30 & 60 days:   deposit lost.
Between 15 & 30 days:   50% of total price returned.
Less than 15 days:         total price lost.


     Although we will refund all monies paid in case of a cancellation on our part, we wish it to be expressly understood that we cannot be held financially responsible for any changes in itinerary due to weather conditions, political problems or civil unrest.


- Always give full names of all passengers and indicate Mr/Mrs/Ms.
- Indicate if you are a couple.
- Send us the flight arrival and departure details of each person.
- Inform us of your hotel arrangements in Phuket.
- Book your rental equipment in advance.
- Let us know if you have a special diet.


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