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Itineraries for Langkawi & surrounding areas

Langkawi to Langkawi (5 days)

Day 1: 

Kuah- Dayang Bunting

Arrive at bare boat base for briefing and boat hand-over.  Sail to Dayang Bunting and anchor at  "A". Quiet and beautiful anchorage. Go ashore at low tide and explore cave on shore.
The cave is located by a short walk  through the mangroves at the 
northern end of the beach.
Sunset drinks and dinner on board.

Day 2:  

Dayang Bunting-Fresh water lake

After breakfast a leisurely sail to the southern end of the island
and anchor in "B" or "C". "B" offers very good protection, is scenic and secluded.  Spend the day visiting and swimming at the lake and island exploration with the dingy.
Sunset drinks and dinner on board.


Fresh water lake - Pulao Singah Besar

After breakfast a leisurely sail to Pulao Singah Besar. Anchor 
at "D" or "E".  Ashore to visit the wildlife sanctuary. See 
mouse-deers and peacocks.
Swimming and island exploration with the dingy.Take the dingy to 
Pulao Chupak for good snorkeling and swimming

Day 4:  

Pulao Singah Besar- Pulao Tepor.

After breakfast up anchor and sail to anchorage "F" or "G" 
Anchorage "F" is just off the tourist beaches of Pantai Cabang.  
A very low key tourist resort with restaurants and bars on shore.  
Dinner ashore.

Day 5:

 Pulao Tepor- Kuah Harbor

After breakfast up anchor and return to bare boat base.
It will take you about 3 hours to return to the Marina.

Langkawi to Butangs- Langkawi- 7 days
Day 1:

Kuah-P.Singah Besar/P. Dayang Bunting

After boat briefing and hand over sail to either P. Dayang Bunting or P. Singah Besar. Visit lake or wild life sanctuary

Day 2:  

P.Singah Besar- Butang Islands

Up anchor early morning and sail to Butang Islands.  It is about 35nm from Singa Besar to Ko Lipi (southern most island of group)


Cruising around Butangs

The Butang islands has many a wonderful snorkeling spot & anchorage. Please see maps for recommended anchorages.

Day 4:   

Cruising around Butangs

You can anchor off the islands on the NE side of Ko Butang. 
The snorkeling here is first rate and the water crystal clear.

Day 5:

 Cruising around Butangs

Ko Adang has many a gorgeous spot to visit and explore. 
The Butang Group is a truly wonderful place to visit for those who love white sandy 
beaches, clear water, great snorkeling and low tourist development!

Day 6:

Butangs-P. Tepor

Up early and sail back to Langkawi Island to arrive at Pantai Cabang before night fall. Dinner & drinks can be taken ashore at various tourists bars on the beach.

Day 7:

P. Tepor-Kuah

After a leisurely breakfast & swim up anchor and sail back to base for hand over.

Langkawi-Tarutao-Butang- Langkawi:
Day 1:

 Kuah-P. Langgun

After boat briefing and hand over 
sail to either P. Dayang Bunting or
P. Singah Besar. Visit lake or wild 
life sanctuary. Anchor for the evening

Day 2:

P.Langgun - Ao Talo Udang

Early morning up anchor sail around
northern coast of Langkawi. Sail across
to southern end of Tarutao from Datai Bay.
Anchor in Ao Talo Udang 
for the evening.


 Ao Talo Udang -Ao Pante

Sail up the western coast of 
Tarutao to end at Ao Pante. 
Go ashore at Ao Pante and visit
National Park H'Quarters. visit sea 
turtles nesting ponds. 
Small restaurant on shore.

Day 4:  

Ao Pante- Ko Lipe

Up anchor early morning 
and sail over to Butang Group.  
Anchor for the evening in the 
southern bay of Ko Lipe 
(remember not to go too close to shore). 
Alternatively anchor off opposite 
fishing village on northern side. 
Low key tourists bungalows 
& restaurants on shore.

Day 5:

Lipe to Rawi, Butang or Adang islands

The snorkeling and island exploration 
on these islands are endless.
The next four days can be spent 
exploring the area
Day 6:

 Rawi, Butang or Adang islands

snorkeling and island exploration. 
Sometimes it can be best to go 
anchor the boat in a secure anchorage &
to visit the different snorkeling spots 
& beaches by dingy.
Day 7:

 Rawi, Butang or Adang islands

snorkeling and island exploration. 
Some of the best spots for 
snorkeling can be found on the SSW 
reef of Ko Rawi/NE side of Ko Butang 
& off the southern islands off Ko Butang.
Day 8:

Rawi, Butang or Adang islands

snorkeling and island exploration.
There are some beautiful spots 
on shore all of the islands 
(which are uninhabited). 
It's hard to say which is the most beautiful! 

Day 9:

Butang -Pantai Cabang or Patai Kok

Up anchor early and sail back 
to Pantai Cabang or Pantai Kok.
Leave enough time to anchor by sunset.
Go ashore for dinner & drinks.

Day 10:

Butang - Kuah

after breakfast and a swim ,up anchor & sail 
to Kuah for hand-over.

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